Step By Step Guide For DIY iPad Screen Repairs

Some people are just DIY pros and no matter the task forced on them, they emerge successful. If you are one of those who simply can’t justify why you should pay someone else for something you need, then you can perform iPad screen repairs. Repairing iPad, iPhone or other smart device screen on your own is not an impossible task. It is nevertheless extremely difficult, but if you are tech savvy, you can follow the steps and ensure that you don’t end up breaking your device while repairing. Before attempting iPhone screen repair or screen repair of any other device for that matter, you should ensure that you have only shattered the screen and no internal damage has occurred. You can try this link for more information about iPhone screen repair in Melbourne.

Step 1: Purchase DIY replacement kit. The replacement screen will come with a digitizer which is responsible to translate gestures and taps into iPad input. You should ensure that the kit contains camera hold, home button assembly and adhesive. You can also buy LCD panel additionally if you want to replace the broken panel. It may cost anywhere from $50 to $100 for replacement screen and you have to pay more if you want LCD panel too.

Step 2: Remove the front panel using appropriate tools. The screen is held in place by an adhesive and you can use heat gun to loosen the panel. Some people suggest using hair dryer, but it is not recommended due to the heavy force of hot air. To separate front panel, use suitable iPad opening tool. Never use sharp objects like razor, scalpel or any other tool even though your friends swear by those. While trying to remove the panel, don’t push the pry tool too hard. If it doesn’t work the first time, try heating up the iPad some more.

Step 3: Once you have broken the adhesive, pull up the glass screen without causing any damage to the internal parts. Get the digitizer out along with the screen and use a scissors to cut the digitizer cable.

Step 4: Remove the LCD assembly using #00 screwdriver. Lift the LCD using pry tool and gently pull up on LCD cable. If you are not replacing LCD panel, keep the removed panel somewhere safe for reassembly.

Step 5: Clean your iPad frame for any debris. It should be clean so that you can place the new assembly and glue it properly.

Step 6: Take your new assembly and insert the ends of digitizer cable into the appropriate socket. You may have to tuck some of the cable underneath metal frame to properly fit the cable. Push the cables properly and use pry tool to snap down the clips.

Step 7: Place the LCD assembly you have removed in the previous steps. Push the cables all the way in and fasten the clips to secure the assembly. Replace the screws on all 4 edges.

Step 8: Test your device before using adhesive to glue the replacement screen.

Step 9: Remove the backing of adhesive in your replacement screen and insert the digitizer properly.

Step 10: Enjoy your device and revel in the fact that you have mastered iPad screen repairs very well.